New Tool: WP Toolbar Flags Plugin

July 5, 2012

Have you ever wanted to write your own WordPress plugin, but were unsure how to start?  Do you find yourself wishing there were some quick visual flags  in the administrative dashboard that would alert you to some basic security settings?  Here’s a plugin that can do both:  alert and teach.

So you have your WordPress site up and running, and you’ve logged in as administrator.  You’ve implemented as many security features as you can find (more detail in an upcoming post) to keep your site clean and functioning.  Depending on where you’re hosting, this may mean you’ve added additional code to your wp-config.php and .htaccess files.  Nice work, except that now you have to go back in and deactivate some of this code when you want to do certain types of maintenance, like upgrading plugins.  If you’re managing several sites, keeping track of what’s “on”, “off”, “active”, or “deactivated” can be daunting … which is why we threw together a quick WordPress plugin to visualize some of the settings within the administrative interface.

Now, this isn’t rocket surgery, nor is it incredibly complex.  It’s just a simple plugin that can serve as an example of how to create your own WordPress extensions.  If you’re into coding, it’s worth a look.

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